How To Be Resilient

How To Be Resilient

We all can be resilient, really, we can be.  It takes self awareness, a bit of inner work and understanding that being resilient really is a more peaceful way to exist.

What is resilience?  IT is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, to be able to spring back into shape, to bounce back from adversity.  It is not a fixed trait that we have or don't have, its something that we need to become aware of and work on, constantly.  Its like any type of muscle memory, you need to work it to keep it!

Dr. Amit Sood, the executive director of Global Center for Resiliency and Well Being and Creator of Resilient Option says that "resilient people are more resourceful.  They experience more uplifting emotions, are physically healthier and have better relationships".  And who the hell doesn't want all of those benefits??  I know I do.  It helps with creative problem solving, reframing of situations, connecting with others, and bouncing back.  

Below are 9 skills that Dr Sood feels make us more resilient.


life throws us challenges that can throw us off balance.  When this happens,  stop, recognize the disruption and take a minute to think of solutions that represent your values.


Patience is a virtue, albeit not always an easy one to express.  


Hopeful people are happier people.  They are healthier, more peaceful and live longer. 


An attitude of gratitude really does strengthen our peace of mind.


Embracing uncertainty, relinquishing our need for control when we really dont have it anyway and acknowledging that you are doing so allows you to take a step back and go with the flow.


Choose to be kind, kind to those around you and kind to yourself


focusing our energy on something keeps us engaged.  Having purpose does not have to be grand to be meaningful.


Resentment is not healthy, its toxic for your mind and toxic for your body.  Choose to see the situation through eyes of healing and not hurt. Take back the power from the person that caused the hurt by letting it go and spending your energy on the positive


cultivate relationships with people that you know you can count on and they know they can count on you.  IT is not the quantity of those that surround you but the quality that counts