The body achieves what the mind believes.

My Story

What got me to this point here and now?  I've answered this question a few ways since starting my own business but honestly the answer is that my life was a mess.  
From the outside it appeared I was successfully going through the motions of being a responsible adult, checking off all of the boxes that the pressures of society told me I had to to 'fit in'. Yes, life kinda sucked but I was managing it all ok, right? WRONG!! I was stuck in my career, I felt lost, confused and totally alone. I was self medicating with copious amounts of alcohol to get by which accelerated my steady downward spiral into some dark places in my life. I had created my life to fit what society and peer pressure said it should be. I put so much pressure on being ‘perfect’ that I stopped enjoying life. 
My drive for perfectionism coupled with my unease and anxiety in not finding it caused me to be a spectator in life and no longer a participant: eventually I pushed so hard I broke. Looking back, there were tell tale signs that I should have noticed but I was too blind to see them myself, wrapped too tight. I had to experience some bleak times in order to reboot.  

And dammit it shouldn't be that hard. 


We are born happy. It is only when we allow the pressures of the world cause us self doubt and shame that our happiness leaves us


So I stopped looking outward for approval and accolades and learned to start looking inward and upward for direction and happiness.
I honestly believe that being happy is our 'default setting' and I live with a positive mindset each and every day and you can too.
There is no best way to finding your happy, it’s not a one-size-fits all plan BUT there is a best solution for YOU. It starts with taking an honest look at yourself, your life and having that moment of clarity when you realize things need to change.  
That’s your window of opportunity! That’s your time to reach out and ask for help and guidance from someone you can trust to empower you. You have the ability to enhance your life. You can achieve your goals, realize your dreams and live the best life you can imagine.  
And yes, It takes courage, it takes guts to realize that your life may have a different purpose now than what you thought it was 10, 20 , 30 years ago. But it is NEVER too late to take that risk of asking "Well what if............"

We are the creator of our own happiness


I believe that true happiness and purpose is achieved when there is both physical and emotional balance, a peace with yourself and the direction and purpose of your life. 
As a Certified Life Coach my intent is to empower people to tap into their strengths and skills to achieve their overall personal best in life. Clients range from people wanting to adopt positive habits, build self confidence and acknowledge self worth to coping with stress, navigating life transitions, building healthy relationships and understanding the importance of work/life balance.   
As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer I work with clients of all ages and levels of fitness to achieve their goals in physical strength, health and wellness through exercise and healthy lifestyles. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself & achieve greatness.

So, if you’re on a personal quest for self improvement, craving to find the genuine happiness in your life and career that you’ve lost along the way?  I will help you create it!. Looking to build your self confidence, redefine what success looks like on your own terms during a life transition that has you a little lost?  I will give you the insight into yourself to get you there! Want to work on adopting a positive mindset and the positive habits that will back it up to cope with stress more effectively?I will show you that you have it in you to get there!Create a healthy lifestyle that has you feeling like you can do anything?I will teach you the way!
I will get you moving in the right directionI’m here to be your motivator and your partner in creating the most amazing and happy life imaginable.

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