Life Coaching
When I first started working with Christine I was a newly single mom, going through a divorce and dealing with my dads stage 4 cancer. Needless to say I felt lower than I ever could have imagined. Now, 6 months later, I feel better now than I did before my life took a turn. I still see her weekly and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon 😭 Christine has really changed my life and so definitely recommend her ❤️ And she’s absolutely worth the money 💰

Kadee E

Life Coaching
Christine was exceptional in every way.She was pivotal in helping me see things clearly and I took my life and choices into my own hands.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine Semple

Lisa R.

Life Coaching

I hired Christine to be my life coach. I had an experience that made me realize some of my own habits and emotional responses were not what I wanted them to be. So i realized I was ready to invest in myself to make some changes. The quality of life I'm experiencing since coaching has begun has exponentially grown. I am falling in love with myself and my life more and more. I could not have said that before I started with Christine. She is worth every penny. It is so helpful to have a person like this in your life. Christine is experienced, relevant, and knowledgeable. I'm so grateful I get to spend time with her each week.

Vicki M.

Nutrition CoachingI’m the kind of person that doesn’t spend a lot of money on myself, but the money I spent for this 8 week program was money well spent. Hit several of my weight goals and learned a lot about my eating habits. I highly recommend Christine! I couldn’t be more pleased.

Katie T.

Nutrition CoachingI had a scale and non scale victory today. I am down one more pound this week and have achieved my first mini goal of 10 pounds down. And also I had a problem today that I have not had in awhile. I have to retire a pair of my workout leggings because they are an XL and literally were falling off me today in class. YAH and thank you!

Nicole M.

Nutrition CoachingI’m very confused but so grateful for your process. I have not once felt like I have been dieting. I felt a little defeated after our last call because I knew I didn’t do as good as I have in the past. I almost didn’t weigh myself Wednesday because I didn’t think I would lose anything and I was scared what my reaction would be. If I would give up or over exercise and starve myself. After my car ride of self coaching, I agreed with myself that if I could at least maintain I would be happy. Expecting to see 210 on the scale, I was wrong. I’m 207! Eight pounds away from my first mini goal. Also I have this one pair of jeans I try on when I get the courage. That used to not get over my butt. Now they button and zip. I’m so happy I chose you. Thank you.

Katie W.

Nutrition CoachingChristine is wonderful! She works with you to develop a plan that is best suited to you and is always available whenever you have a question about anything. We had virtual meetings once a week as she taught me how to eat and maintain that type of diet long term. She understands that life happens as long as you pick the better choice. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to change their lifestyle both physically and mentally!

Jessica B.

Nutrition CoachingChristine is very knowledgeable, and helped me build a healthy lifestyle that was easy to adjust to. She responds quickly when ever I have a question. I have lost 11 lbs so far in my journey and have 22 lbs more to go. I highly recommend Christine, she is a sweet person that cares about people.

Sharon O.

Life CoachingChristine helped me identify and change thoughts, actions, and behaviors in my present position that were blocking me from excelling.She also gave me a framework and clear steps to move forward and apply my experience into a future consulting business.

Lenore S.

Life CoachingAmazing personal life coach. Christine is very dedicated and connected to her clients needs. I enjoy speaking to her each time as her guidance has already began changing my life for the better. I am grateful for Christine!

Michelle M.

Life CoachingChristine is an amazing professional. Originally I thought this would be a quick win. I have a stressful career and thought I needed someone to help me organize my priorities. Well I was dead wrong. Christine has helped me see through the forest and dig deep into what is causing me so much stress. I would highly recommend her.

Liz M.

Life Coaching love Christine! She has become a part of me getting back into being disciplined and reaching my goals. I have had trouble (especially after Covid lockdown) getting back and staying on track to move my life and business forward. I started at 1 time per week for 6 months which I recommend for making sure you get back in the habits and being accountable for what you want in your life. She is understanding and not rigid, but on target for what you want. She is able to pivot if needed and see's the full picture for what I want, which was an issue for a previous coach. This is very important; if they don't understand the goals, you are wasting your money and time! I HIGHLY recommend her! 10 Stars out of 5!

Rebekah S.

Personal Training"I have been training with Christine for a few months and she has been great. She was very responsive to my training and needs. She was also very good at offering me nutritional advice. She is a wonderful, compassionate person with great advice."

Leena B.

Life Coaching"I've been working with Christine for about 1.5yrs now and during that time she has expressed unconditional support. She has provided me with the tools needed to work on all different areas if my life and always has meaningful and impartial feedback. Christine helps me to understand whatever challenges I want to address and communicates in such a way that helps me find my own empowering solution. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She makes you feel like a close friend or family member she truly and compassionately cares about. I've never felt like just another client. I you're looking for a coach, look no further.
Thank you Christine."

Monica A.

Nutrition CoachingChristine has been a great resource for me especially during these times. Our sessions together were always very purposeful and productive. She is very genuine and cares a lot about her clients by checking in frequently. I would definitely recommend!

Krystal M.

"Christine is so approachable, energetic and trustworthy. I know I always feel better after a session with her. She knows how and when to challenge me, and understands my fitness needs and goals. I appreciate how she always brings something new to keep me engaged, challenged, and learning during my workouts.
It's clear how much she values continued education to stay abreast of any new information, learnings and methods to perfect her craft and she brings these learnings to our sessions. Christine has wide variety of professional experience and it makes her especially valuable because she understands life beyond just the gym! Christine takes the time to get to know you as a person and what you are looking to achieve so she can ensure every minute spent working with her is meaningful, worthwhile, and beneficial. You can tell she takes an approach of "no 2 clients are alike" by tailoring custom plans for every time we meet.
Christine has helped me in many ways. She has helped me transform my muscle tone and definition beyond what I was able to achieve on my own after years of working out without a Personal Trainer. She has also helped change my outlook and knowledge on strength training and cardio, in general. I've learned more about how our bodies function and react when working out, which has helped me in and outside of the gym. It is so satisfying to see all of the hard work, time, and investment paying off when I look in the mirror and see the great results.
Also, outside of physically, Christine has helped me by being a trusting coach, someone who I can share thoughts and ideas with and ask questions to. I truly value and admire her wealth of knowledge and experience as it benefits me in more ways than one! I would suggest working with Christine for anyone who is interested in bettering themselves, physically, mentally/emotionally, and/or both. Christine is so accommodating and capable of tailoring her sessions to fit her clients' needs. She creates custom plans and puts a ton of thought and time into planning for her sessions, which pays off in the results I have seen and continue to see!"

Michele P.

Life CoahingChristine has been an incredible life coach! The techniques she uses to guide you through whatever topic you're discussing with her is truly powerful. She doesn't force opinions on you, rather she asks pointed, insightful questions in such a manner so that you yourself arrive at each "aha moment." Christine is so welcoming, unbiased, and open-minded. She provides thoughtful guidance while helping you to discover the self-reflected wisdom you seek for lasting positive impact. I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is even remotely considering working with a life coach! :)

Michelle M.

Life CoachingChristine is very helpful and insightful. She has helped so much and helped me to deal with my issues, by teaching me how look at things from a different perspective. Taught me to write things down and look at them objectively. I highly recommend her.

Kim S.

Life Coaching"Christine is wonderful! Compassionate, caring, and able to give clear effective direction to help navigate any situation. I highly recommend her everyone. She incorporates all aspects of wellness to bring joy and clarity to life. Christine's coaching is a great fit for anyone who feels like they are at an important transitional point in their life, who needs support and inspiration and who is looking for clarity."

Tarah G.

Life Coaching"Christine was professional, kind, and compassionate. She really helped me make progress on my health goals. I highly recommend!"

Matt S.

Life Coaching"Christine is an excellent coach. She's incredibly capable and allows you to really uncover any issue and get beyond it. She's helped me transform my life and can surely help others as well! Would highly recommend!"

Jenn L.