"Christine is so approachable, energetic and trustworthy. I know I always feel better after a session with her. She knows how and when to challenge me, and understands my fitness needs and goals. I appreciate how she always brings something new to keep me engaged, challenged, and learning during my workouts.
It's clear how much she values continued education to stay abreast of any new information, learnings and methods to perfect her craft and she brings these learnings to our sessions. Christine has wide variety of professional experience and it makes her especially valuable because she understands life beyond just the gym! Christine takes the time to get to know you as a person and what you are looking to achieve so she can ensure every minute spent working with her is meaningful, worthwhile, and beneficial. You can tell she takes an approach of "no 2 clients are alike" by tailoring custom plans for every time we meet.
I always feel excited ahead of our time together because I can count on Christine Since working together, Christine has helped me in many ways. She has helped me transform my muscle tone and definition beyond what I was able to achieve on my own after years of working out without a Personal Trainer. She has also helped change my outlook and knowledge on strength training and cardio, in general. I've learned more about how our bodies function and react when working out, which has helped me in and outside of the gym. It is so satisfying to see all of the hard work, time, and investment paying off when I look in the mirror and see the great results.
Also, outside of physically, Christine has helped me by being a trusting coach, someone who I can share thoughts and ideas with and ask questions to. I truly value and admire her wealth of knowledge and experience as it benefits me in more ways than one! I would suggest working with Christine for anyone who is interested in bettering themselves, physically, mentally/emotionally, and/or both. Christine is so accommodating and capable of tailoring her sessions to fit her clients' needs. She creates custom plans and puts a ton of thought and time into planning for her sessions, which pays off in the results I have seen and continue to see!"

Michele P.

Christine has been an incredible life coach! The techniques she uses to guide you through whatever topic you're discussing with her is truly powerful. She doesn't force opinions on you, rather she asks pointed, insightful questions in such a manner so that you yourself arrive at each "aha moment." Christine is so welcoming, unbiased, and open-minded. She provides thoughtful guidance while helping you to discover the self-reflected wisdom you seek for lasting positive impact. I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is even remotely considering working with a life coach! :)

Michelle M.7/21/20

Christine is very helpful and insightful.
She has helped so much and helped me to deal with my issues, by teaching me how look at things from a different perspective. Taught me to write things down and look at them objectively. I highly recommend her.

Kim S.6/29/20

"Christine is wonderful! Compassionate, caring, and able to give clear effective direction to help navigate any situation. I highly recommend her everyone. She incorporates all aspects of wellness to bring joy and clarity to life. Christine's coaching is a great fit for anyone who feels like they are at an important transitional point in their life, who needs support and inspiration and who is looking for clarity."

Tarah G.

"Christine was professional, kind, and compassionate. She really helped me make progress on my health goals. I highly recommend!"

Matt S.

"Christine is an excellent coach. She's incredibly capable and allows you to really uncover any issue and get beyond it. She's helped me transform my life and can surely help others as well! Would highly recommend!"

Jenn L.