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Christine specializes in helping overwhelmed and burned out professionals regain their self confidence, redefine their self worth and rekindle their joys and passions so they can authentically live their best lives

    Lifestyle & Personal Growth
    Positive Mindset & Positive habits
    Life/Work Balance
    Self Confidence & Self Worth 
    Goal Setting & implementation
    Stress reduction
    Life and Career Transitions

Programs & Packages

I offer a range of services and techniques and provide a high level of competence to individuals and business owners. Each client is unique but my life coaching process follows a step by step proven method from focusing in on your goals so you experience amazing results.  This is an investment in you, in how you choose to live in the present and how you see, shape and create your future. Please see options below and contact for investment details. 

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Your Current State 6 week program

Let's face it, times are tough. We're under quarantine, we're stressed out about finances, we're fearful for our health and unsure of what our new normal will look like today, tomorrow a month from now. And yes, there is a lot we're uncertain about BUT how you choose to manage and cope with your current situation is 100% under your control. These 6 weeks together are especially designed for you to bring all of your current concerns and anxieties to the table and to work on how you manage them, face the fearful emotions head on with confidence and learn how to dissolve them and truly understand & believe that you are only a victim if you allow yourself to be one. You control your destiny."It's not up to you how you fall. it's up to you how far you let yourself fall and how long it takes you to get back up and stand on your own two feet."

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Changing the Tides (3 month program)

This three-month program is a deep dive into your mindset and how you view your world. Together we will define your desires and goals in key aspects of your life, open up doors to possibilities, cultivate new perspectives, create actionable steps to move in that direction and ensure you're on the right path to reaching your results and more.
The foundation is figuring out how to live a more happy and purposeful life that is in alignment with who you are today. By adopting positive habits, empowering yourself with more self confidence and believing in your own self worth. You will know how to create and nurture the life that you're meant for.  "Believe you can and you're halfway there" T Roosevelt

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The Reward is the Journey (6 month program)

This six month program is an intense deep dive into YOU. Your current state of mind is affecting how you view the world, your place in it and you realize you need a serious course correction for your future. Together we will discover what you want to accomplish in different aspects of your life, determine your short term and long term goals, uncover the inner blind spots, limiting beliefs and defeating thoughts that are keeping you from realizing how amazing you really are. I want to equip you with life strategies so you genuinely see the positive in your life, empower you to develop your ability to create long-term solutions and to ground your actions in your truth to any and all situations.You will truly see yourself for the amazing person that you are, maybe for the first time in your adult life. You will become empowered with your own self worth, create and nurture healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial in growth and support. You have some serious work to do to live a happy and purposeful life. Together we will Find Your Happy.

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Find Your Happy  6 Week Signature Online Program

I am excited to offer my signature program: "Find Your Happy"
Everyone has their own definition of happy but with how busy we all are with work, family life, relationships, finding time for ourselves - sometimes we lose sight of what makes us happy. There times you feel something is missing, Life is out of balance, You're out of sorts, perhaps depressed and feeling a little lost or out of control.
You aren't quite sure when or how it happened but you want to Find Your Happy again.
This program is designed to help overwhelmed and burned out professional women and men redefine what a truly meaningful and successful life is for them, take time to focus on who they are right now and who they want to become in order to create a happier & more balanced life on their own terms. You'll focus on:● Regaining self-confidence● Redefining self worth● Rekindling your passions
You are investing in a 6 week program but you are gaining a lifetime of support.  ● You'll get one on one access with me asking any questions you may have, ● You'll become part of a facebook community of like minded people who are living their best lives ● You'll be invited to be part of group calls focusing on topics that are important to all of us.
Let's Find Your Happy!

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