Life Coaching

Christine is a Personal Life Coach specializing in:

    Lifestyle & Personal Growth
    Positive Mindset & Positive habits
    Life/Work Balance
    Life and Career Transitions
    Goal Setting and implementation
    Stress reduction
    Self Confidence & Self worth

Programs & Packages

Our Company provides a vast range of services and capabilities, and a high level of competence to individuals and business owners.

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First Wave (1 Month Program)

This one month / 4 session program is an initial deep dive into what makes you uniquely you. Together we will discover the depth of who you are and start to define your dreams and goals. ; reframe your mindset, creating positive habits and behaviors that can shape the kind of life you want to thrive in, not just survive in. 
The take away from this month is the starting point of how you can recharge your mindset and learn a few new strategies to help you achieve your desired goals you are looking for on a sustainable level. You will have a more clear vision on how to live a happy and truly fulfilling life.

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Changing the Tides (3 month program)

This three-month program is a deep dive into your mindset and how you view your world. Together we will discover your dreams and goals in key aspects of your life, maybe open up some new possibilities, cultivate new perspectives, create actionable steps to move in that direction and ensure you are on the right path to reach all of your desired goals.
The foundation is figuring out how to live a more happy life. Through adopting positive habits, empowering yourself with more self confidence, realizing and believing in your own self worth, creating and nurturing healthy relationships, together we will Find Your Happy.

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The Reward is the Journey (6 month program)

This six - month program is an intense deep dive into YOU. Your current state of mind is affecting how you view the world, your place in it and you realize you need a serious course correction for your future. Together we will discover what you want to accomplish in all aspects of your life, determine your short term and long term goals, uncover the inner blind spots that are keeping you from realizing them: those limiting perspectives, defeating thoughts or outdated beliefs that you have picked up along the way from family, society, wherever. 
I want to equip you with life strategies to see the positive in your life, empower you to create choice in how you think and feel while developing and strengthening your ability to create long-term solutions and how to change your responses to circumstances.
Whether it is truly finding yourself, maybe for the first time in your adult life, figuring out how to truly be happy in your life, adopting positive habits, empowering yourself, realizing and believing in your own self worth, creating and nurturing healthy relationships. You know you have some serious work to do on yourself and together we will Find Your Happy.

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Steps To Find Your Happy  My 8 Week Signature Online Program

I am excited to offer my signature program: "Steps to Find Your Happy". Everyone has their own definition of happy & at the end of the day our goal is to live a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life. But are there times you feel like something is missing? Life is out of balance? You're out of sorts, perhaps depressed and feeling a little lost or out of control?
You aren't quite sure when or how it happened but you want to Find Your Happy again.
During this 8-week, step by step program you will focus on different areas of your life, your mindset and learn how to ignite that spark for life that you know you deserve.
Let's Find Your Happy!

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