Personal Training

Christine is a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in:

    One on one fitness training
    Group fitness training
    Toning, Cardio, Stretching
    Health Coaching
    Nutritional guidance
    Managing stress and anxiety 

Wellness is the complete integration of mind and body.

What is your ultimate goal in health, physical fitness? What role does nutrition play in your wellness and how could it be improved upon?
Together we will co-create a workout plan that will take into account your schedule and get you to the finish line.
Whether it is toning, building muscle or improving your overall cardio I will motivate you, teach proper form to avoid injuries and of course, make it fun.
It’s all about putting the work in, being consistent and making health a way of life. Packages are available in packs of 10. Cost will be discussed in our introductory phone call and is determined by your location as well as the additional equipment needed for the workout.