Nutrition/Health/Weight Loss 

Become the leading authority of your health, your nutrition and your life by learning how to listen to your body, fueling it with what it needs, seeing and feeling results that will have you gaining self confidence and creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you.I am also an Arbonne consultant, a company that aligns with my mind-body connection philosophy. Together, we empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living.View my suggested products at Christine Semple/Arbonne 

    Accountability through food journal analysis 
    Personalized meal plan/guide
    Weight loss & management through healthy eating that is sustainable and personalized
    Decipher food cravings and learn how to curb the cravings
    Reduce health risks thru nutrition and healthy lifestyle
    Personalized Exercise plans upon request
    Pantry makeover and grocery list creation
    Find self esteem and self confidence in your own skin
    Increase energy level naturally

Nutrition Services

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4 sessionNutritional Revamp

Together we will analyze your diet, understand and set your health goals, decode your snacking habits, up your sleeping patterns and come up with a rock solid plan fto course correct your current nutritional knowledge.  
Here's what to expect :
● four 45 to 60 minute coaching sessions● food journal review and analysis● personalized meal plan roadmap● extensive grocery list and healthy cooking options ● pantry decluttering upon request ● defining the Pillars of a Nutritious Lifestyle ● understand the definition of portion and proportion● learn tips & tricks to stop sabotage eating patterns with nourishing fueling habits
You will come away better informed, armed with healthy options and motivated to regaining your health.

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8 sessionWellness Journey

Your lifestyle affects how you feel mentally and physically.Together we will create a plan that will support your healthy lifestyle and has you feeling energetic, empowered, knowledgeable and happy with the fact that you are taking control of your health.  
Here's what to expect: ● eight 30 to 60 minute coaching sessions● food journal review and analysis● goal setting and plan of action for weight loss or   management ● personalized meal plan offering you choices ● knowledge of portion, proportion● tips & tricks to stop sabotage eating patterns with   nourishing habits● a personalized exercise plan that works for you on    request● Define and address emotional eating● individualized knowledge in the form of handouts and   recommended resources● personal support via Email and text between sessions

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12 SessionUltimate Health Journey

This is the program for the person who wants to feel completely and ultimately empowered in their guiding their life and its path.You will truly unite and ignite your total body and mind connection. Together we will create a unique and personalized plan that will support your desired lifestyle changes and have you reclaiming your self-confidence, feeling energetic, empowered, and excited to embrace and engage with the world every day!
Here's what to expect: ● sixteen 30-to-60-minute coaching sessions● a deeper understanding of how a healthy lifestyle is anintegral part of your physical, mental & emotional health● gain clarity of short term and long-term wellness & lifestyle priorities and goals● set purposeful intentions and develop a keener sense of direction and passion. ● Improve time management, reduce stress andeliminate procrastination● develop a more consistent motivation ● food journal review and analysis● goal setting and plan of action for weight loss or weightmanagement● a personalized, balanced meal plan that gives youchoices● identify and eliminate bad habits that self-sabotage● develop a daily mindfulness practice for mind/bodywell-being● accountability check-in calls● handouts and recommended resources● personal support via email and text between sessions
"Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen"

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