Brain Fog - What is it, why do you have it and Ideas of how to fix it.

Brain Fog - What is it, why do you have it and Ideas of how to fix it.

"Brain Fog" this is a term that is being used alot lately.  What it is?  Is it really a medical mality?  It may not be written up in the Journal of Medicine but if you've ever had difficulty concentrating, extreme mental fatigue or experience memory problems, you know it's real! The good news is it's not terminal, it's not permanent and you can help find your way through the fog.  By taking the right steps, you can reverse the symptoms to reclaim clarity and even prevent it from happening in the future.


1) Stress

2) Lack of Sleep/poor sleep habits

3) Lack of activity or exercise

4 Poor nutrition

5) Dehydration


1) Lack of concentration or a wandering mind

2) Forgetfulness

3) Chronic Fatigue

4) Feeling unmotivated and unproductive

5) Depression

6) Living unconsciously, going through the motions in life but not participating


1) Sleep - get more sleep! It is proven that 7-9 hours of sleep a night really does your body and mind good. 

2) Exercise - getting your body moving helps physical and mental clarity, boosts memory, improves sleep, reduces stress (cortisol) and increases happy hormones (endorphins).

3) Manage your Stress level - This sounds basic and maybe simple but it isn't always easy.  We have triggers around us all the time that we can't control.  All we can control is how we respond to them. 

  1. Recognize and acknowledge your stress, don't deny its happening or bury it or muscle through it.  By acknowledging it you you are better able to respond to it VS reacting to it.
  2. Learn to say no to requests when saying yes will cause you personal anxiety
  3. Take time for yourself during the day: 5 minutes an hour, 15 minutes every 4 hours and 30 minutes mid day.  These breaks are for your mind to clear out whatever is starting to clutter it and allow you to focus in on the next project that is facing you.  

4) Fuel your brain and body with healthy foods - think lean proteins, whole fruits and veggies 

5) Hydrate, hydrate hydrate!  you should shoot for drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water a day.  Water, green tea, clean sparkling water, coffee ( watch the caffeine) 

6) Live Consciously. - meaning live in the moment, don't live thinking about the past don't project into the future.  have your thoughts be where your feet are.  

This is not rocket science, it's not a magic pill offering immediate gratification.  It's solid, basic clean healthy living that are within your control! Identify what the root causes are, learn what triggers you and pulls you into the fog and take control of staying present.